About FoodSniffr

Sniffy, the healthy foods hound - let him help you with your healthy grocery list

Sniffy, the FoodSniffr hound dog!

First, say hello to Sniffy - isn't he adorable! And did you know he sniffs out the evil in foods like nobody else? His daily work involves trotting up and down the streets, in and out of grocery stores and supermarkets, sniffing and recording all that he smells. Most times it's not pretty, he tells us! This little hound also knows that humans should know better than to eat this nonsense, and what's even more appalling, he says is that it is everywhere!!

I mean, to paraphrase Sniffy, who in their right minds would ruin good food by adding stuff like BHA or BHT or carrageenan or citric acid or polypro.. something (he's too young to say those funny sounding chemical names, you see). And he is right, you know that.

Food in America is a trap, leading you every day into a deeper and deeper health crisis. No wonder America has an explosion of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, ADHD, cancer.. the list goes on. Sniffy tells us the American food industry and the pharmaceutical industry are loving twins who toss their victims to each other in a never-ending game of ping-pong!

Our mammoth mission: the important work of helping you eat healthier everyday!

Yes, food in America is complicated. And no man, woman or child can be expected to read food labels every waking minute; at least no one with a life can do it constantly. And you don't have to. Sniffy, our dog and FoodSniffr are doing this every minute of every day: sniffing at foods, breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly in each, and then bringing you that information right here on this site. We sniff foods for all the allergens such as gluten, corn, soy, egg; we also sniff them for preservatives and chemicals and food colors, GMO, and MSG in all its various names... the list goes on. In fact, every day, we are made aware of another suspect ingredient added to foods, so we add that to our watch list too. Our goal is to help you and your family eat cleaner, healthier foods every day. We do this because we know we all live together on this one planet, and to let each one of us soar to our best humanity, we cannot be guzzling trash foods and expecting any miracles. Right?

We cannot do this alone, we need your help

This is grueling work, intense work, and FoodSniffr would like to do it in a way that is as independent as possible of corporations or investors who can force us astray. Every choice we make to run this business is guided by the principle of "Will this allow us to stay true to our core values and mission, which is to clean up the food system of the unnecessary filth that has crept in over the years, and to help clean up the planet in the process. We will not accept every helping hand we get, but we certainly want yours- each of you ordinary people, who really wants the simple things in life - good health, and a good life for their families. Here's how you can help: Sign up for our subscription service, the Silver Plan monthly subscription, that will allow you to access every food we have sniffed so far, and what we will be sniffing in the days and years ahead. This unlimited access will help you learn what's hidden in your food, and what to avoid as well as what to eat. It's only $19.99/month, you can cancel anytime, and it will help you save a ton of money and your health every day! You can also help by buying our ebooks - we currently have ebooks about the Gluten-Free diet and for Non GMO Foods. Also please share the awesome work we are doing with your friends. Together, we can stop eating the ugly foods that are everywhere, and by cutting off their oxygen supply with our $, we force these manufacturers to rethink what they are dishing out!

So go on, don't wait any longer, just get started now! And do let us know what you like, and what else you'd like us to work on. 

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Cheers! Start taking small, healthy steps right now.

- Sniffy and the FoodSniffr Team