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Our clean eating grocery list app plan is the powerful way to buy healthy foods every time, and quickly and painlessly!

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Discover a brand-new you once you start eating healthier with FoodSniffr. Sniffy, our cute and diligent dog, has sniffed out hundreds of healthy foods including healthy snacks, meals, cooking supplies, and desserts for you, no matter what your diet needs may be.

You deserve better than to buy unhealthy foods that are just not worth the money, or that are unhealthy but you don't know it. FoodSniffr's grocery list app sniffs deep into every food product we cover to reveal all the junk - like, does it contain gmo or preservatives or additives or hidden msg, or is it high sugar, or yeast free, or gluten-free, or high cholesterol. We have you covered.

The Silver Plan gives you full access to all the foods we 'sniff'. With FoodSniffr, you have a terrific bonanza of healthy foods and healthy snacks information at your finger-tips - this is the most powerful and easy way to eat healthy every day, quick and easy. After all, you cannot be spending your life reading food labels, right? Let Sniffy take care of that for you!

How to eat healthy foods everyday - it's amazingly quick and easy with FoodSniffr!

No more guess work about which foods are healthy, or what to put into your grocery list. With FoodSniffr's Healthy Foods section, you get color-coded, easy to understand information about healthy (and unhealthy) foods. What's more, we give scores ranging from 0 - 10 to each food product in our database; you need to move your way gradually over time to the foods with scores of 7-10, and totally avoid the ones with scores of 3 or lower. It will blow your mind what difference a healthy diet makes to your life!

With this grocery list app, you will also see how to find gluten free foods - it's so simple and quick!

Have celiac disease or IBS or gluten intolerance? Then our gluten-free diet foods section is the best. Here you will be able to see how your favorite gluten-free foods score as per Sniffy, as well as find healthier options. And that's not all; we understand your diet needs can be such that you require gluten-free AND corn-free AND dairy-free. Well, we have filters on the left that allow you to pick exactly the food you need. What's more, we are continuously adding more and better products every day. Our goal is to help you eat healthy in small, simple steps!

And avoid GMO foods easily; this grocery list app makes that possible too!

If you are like millions of Americans who are looking for safe, non GMO foods to eat, FoodSniffr is your friend again. Sniffy has dug up hundreds of Non GMO food products for you to choose from. If you like any particular one, look for the Buy Online button on the page; clicking on this button will allow you to buy this product from Amazon or Walmart - easy, peasy, right?

With the FoodSniffr grocery list app, you will see unparalleled ways to discover new vegan and vegetarian foods.

FoodSniffr empowers you to find trustworthy vegan diet foods for your grocery list. Or for vegetarian foods for that matter. Simply find foods that are right for your vegan or vegetarian diet, and add them to your wish list to use at the supermarket or the grocery store. Did we tell you that FoodSniffr can be accessed from your mobile phone or tablet, so that you can check your wish list wherever you are! How cool is that?

Here is why you want the FoodSniffr grocery list app edge now!

Now you rightly ask: why do I need FoodSniffr, I am doing just fine? Well, you need, no, you absolutely need FoodSniffr because food is mind-bogglingly complicated today. If you are like most people who did not live on farms and grow their own food, you are dependent on the food system to sustain and nourish you and your loved one. And this is where it gets tricky - food in the US is largely industrial food with a lot of very clever processing and chemical, non-food ingredients added - mostly, to make the production of the food easier, cheaper, and to enhance shelf life so that the food stays intact during the long production and distribution cycle that modern foods require.

Trouble is what's good for the manufacturing process is not necessarily good for your gut. Human evolution simply cannot keep pace with the technological novelties that enter the foods you eat. And so we end up with a huge variety of health issues that Americans face today. The food that should actually nourish, sustain, and strengthen you, is in reality, depleting, weakening, and often times toxic to your body. Food today is riddled with pesticides, gmo ingredients, flavors and additives, harmful colors that no human should be eating, besides the usual culprits of high sodium, trans fats (yes, you will be surprised to know that common supermarket foods have trans fats even today!).

Now you may say, yes, yes, I know all that. I know what ingredients are bad, I know my gmo foods, and I am all set, thank you! Well, we urge you to think again: at FoodSniffr, we used to think the same, after all we all like to think we are super health conscious and aware, right? In reality, here is what happens when we go to the grocery store or the health food store:

Watch what happens when you hurry and shop for food.

Scenario 1: You are starving, and absolutely must get some food. If you are among those folks with no food allergies, you quickly reach for the chips (and the biggest bag at that!), or the chocolate chip cookies; it does not matter what brand, at this moment of intense hunger, your brain is completely hijacked by the sights and smells of the food you have around. As for the ones with food allergies - well, the gluten free guy trudges back and forth in every aisle, looking for the gluten free label (that is hard work, trust me!); he then settles, truly settles for a gluten free sandwich that is gluten free, but contains soy and corn (both likely gmo), and some other unpleasant stuff; the lactose intolerant settles for a dairy-free ice cream that has more chemical names in the ingredients list than actual food!

Scenario 2: You are armed with a shopping list of great, healthy gluten free and vegan foods - you have spent a long time researching this stuff on a lazy weekend, and are determined to stock up your pantry with these. You land up at the grocery store, spot item 1 and grab it; items 2,3, 4 are not available though! Uh-oh, that's a problem. So like most people, you look around in the relevant aisle, and start poring over food labels - product A matches your diet needs, but is high fat and high sodium; product B has a couple of unsavory ingredients... and so on. You get the picture, right?

FoodSniffr's grocery list app is the sure fire way to eat healthier foods every day!

Now imagine yourself at the said grocery store or supermarket or health food store: if you are in scenario 1, you would quickly fire up the FoodSniffr web app on your phone, check out the particular healthy foods you need, and what their score is, what are the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly in them, and then make the best choice from what's available - fully knowing if you have had to make any compromises. And in future, you would be better prepared when you are away from home by carrying some clean foods that you have found on FoodSniffr! And if you are in scenario 2, we bet you will pull up your FoodSniffr wishlist ( yes, when you come across a good food product on FoodSniffr, click on Add to my Wishlist; that helps you keep tabs on foods that are a good fit for you). You will shop as per your wishlist, or when that food is unavailable, you will know how great or not the alternatives are.

And if you are an online food shopper, FoodSniffr offers a direct link to that particular food item on Amazon or Walmart - simply click on the Buy Online button on a product page!

Read more about how FoodSniffr works.

Join the FoodSniffr grocery list app plan now, you need to make this huge gift of health to yourself and your family.

The truth is that eating healthy foods should not be so difficult, but it is. It is incredibly hard and time-consuming to find clean foods to eat every day. We live in a world riddled with industrial and processed food, gmo, additives, preservatives and more. FoodSniffr gives you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for hundreds of foods; you really will have no more excuse to eat bad, unhealthy foods any more; the powerful information you will have will nudge you towards healthy every day. Get Sniffy and FoodSniffr on your side, and get to know your foods inside out. Become a member now, and start to enjoy the astonishing benefits of good, vibrant health.

New healthy food products being added every week

At FoodSniffr, we have so much ground to cover, and so many foods to uncover for you. The 'sniffing' we do involves intense work, and we know you will benefit enormously from all of the sniffing and snooping. Sign up today and see for yourself.

Access this grocery list app on any computer or mobile device, no download required

FoodSniffr is a web app that can be accessed 24/7 on your computer or mobile phone or tablet - simply open up the site in your browser, and embark on a learning, discovering journey about your food.

Wide variety of foods

Within the broad categories of Healthy, Gluten Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian, you will find exciting and clean snacks, breakfast foods, kitchen supplies, meals, desserts, and much more. You can further filter foods in any of these categories by dozens of qualities - for example, if you have celiac disease (or IBS or gluten intolerance), and are looking for non gmo snacks, you will first go to the Gluten Free >> Snacks section, and from there, select non gmo in the left hand navigation - voila, you now have a list of gluten free snacks that are also non gmo! Is that cool or what?

We are listening

FoodSniffr was built out of our own needs for cleaner, healthier food. We would love to hear from you what else you would like to see here. Simply click on the question mark icon (?) in the bottom-right corner of your screen to send us ideas, suggestions, and bouquets.

Join our grocery list plan now - Watch amazing things happen as you and your family eat a new, healthier diet, day after day. Become a member now!

We bet you are convined to sign up now. Well, get started now, by subscribing to the Silver Plan from this page. You will have powerful food information at your finger tips. You can cancel at any time too.

And why not share the good stuff with your friends - go on, tell them about FoodSniffr. You"ll be glad you did!

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Clean Eating Silver Plan Monthly - Grocery List app

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