Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Gluten free: How do you label gluten free foods?

A: FoodSniffr will be your companion and reliable friend as you make your way towards healthier, cleaner living. Once you complete the free registration, you will be able to access curated, handpicked, healthy foods - but we don't stop there - we further break apart these foods that are fairly decent in the first place by GMO, allergen free, high fat, high cholesterol, high sodium and so on. You get the picture, right?

we have decided to create 2 categories of gluten free - gluten free (certified by manufacturer), and gluten free (based on ingredients). If you are a Celiac, you are better off sticking with 'gluten free (certified by manufacturer)' only. Others with non-celiac gluten sensitivity can choose to eat or not eat the ones marked gluten free (based on ingredients).

As FoodSniffr dug more and more into gluten free foods, we quickly faced a dilemma: a number of the foods we 'sniffed' were labeled 'Gluten Free' by the manufacturer, so that was fine. However, we also saw that there were other clean, good products which were not labeled gluten free, but that did not have any wheat or gluten ingredients in them. We started to label the latter gluten free too.

However, we recognize that a food that is NOT labeled gluten free by the manufacturer may not be safe for a person with Celiac Disease, even if the label does not have any wheat/gluten ingredients. On the other hand, such a food may be okay for a non-Celiac gluten-sensitive person.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Please email us at with thoughts/suggestions.