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Gluten-Free Diet

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Find healthy Gluten-Free diet foods for your grocery list now!

If you are on a gluten-free diet, our gluten free food lists are a must. Maybe you are eating a gluten free diet because you have celiac disease; or maybe you are on a low carb diet, or wanting to lose weight fast or a leaky gut diet - no matter, just do the smart thing and get FoodSniffr on your side. From gluten free flour, to gluten free cookies, to gluten free cereal, you will discover new, healthy foods to add to your gluten free diet. What's more, we have fine-grained information about each gluten free product - is it certified gluten free (ideal for folks with celiac disease), or is it gluten free based on the ingredients (this may work for low carb diet folks, or folks with IBS or gluten intolerance. FoodSniffr makes it so easy for you to find good, healthy, gluten-free diet foods. And did you know you can filter these by vegetarian, vegan, non gmo, and more? If you have questions like is brown rice gluten free, or is oatmeal gluten free, we have all the answers - with FoodSniffr, you will be eating gluten free and safely in no time.

Gluten-Free Diet Foods ebook - Get it now!

Want a ready grocery list of 101 gluten free foods, including gluten free grains, gluten free breakfast, and gluten free desserts? Get our '101 Gluten Free Foods for Celiac Disease, IBS, Gluten Intolerance'  ebook today! Most of the foods listed in this fantastic ebook are non gmo, as well as vegan and vegetarian.