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Organic Peanut-Free Healthy Foods

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Who wants a healthy grocery list every time?

Discover the best healthy foods - healthy snacks list, healthy breakfast meals and foods for kids, kitchen supplies, healthy dinner meals, and healthy desserts. Give your diet a tremendous boost with our hand-picked and rated healthy food options - FoodSniffr is your grocery list maker on steroidst. Start eating healthy and more nutritious foods in 3 easy steps - select all foods in the list below that have score of 7-10; then check out each food by clicking on the thumbnail - check out the ingredients, our good, bad and ugly on each product; and then buy directly from Amazon by clicking on the Add To Cart, or save it to your wish list. And of course, you can share each of these foods on social!

Healthy Eating facts at your finger-tips

Did we tell you that our color-coded info is so easy to use, even your kids will understand it. No matter what grocery foods you need: good healthy snacks, or healthy breakfast or healthy meals for kids, or clean and healthy cooking staples, you will learn so much from using FoodSniffr. Try it now!

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We are all built differently, and so one size can never fit all, and we understand that. Find exactly the foods, even diet foods, you need for your healthy lifestyle by selecting the filters on the left of the page - if you are avoiding soy, simply click on the Soy-Free option; if you need low cholesterol, well, go ahead and select only those foods! Healthy living is yours, if you will just take it..

So go ahead, try FoodSniffr now, and feel the difference!