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Vegan Diet

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Are you on a vegan diet? Or maybe you'd like to become vegan?

The vegan diet is the rage these days, and thousands of people are looking to eating vegan, whether for health reasons or concern for animals and the environment. FoodSniffr is here to help you eat a healthy vegan diet every day, without the hassle of scratching your head trying to figure out if a food is vegan or not.

Check out the hundreds of vegan foods we have added here - you can quickly scan the ingredients, check out the good, the bad, and the ugly in each food, and save foods that you like to your wish list. Or simply click on the Add To cart to buy it instantly from Amazon. Easy-peasy, right?

And did we tell you we have vegan desserts, vegan ice cream, vegan chili, vegan meals, vegan pizza and lasagna, and scores of other delightful vegan foods.