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Lays Chips – Are They Gluten Free?

Lays Chips - Are They Gluten Free?

Lays Chips - Are They Gluten Free?

We get asked this a LOT: which of Lay’s chips are gluten free?

As you may be aware, manufacturers are constantly tweaking their ingredients and trying to cater to the current diet needs of people. We recently updated our database and were pleasantly surprised to see that Frito Lay has made a number of their chips gluten free; including many with complex flavors.

To name a few, here are the chips that are gluten free as of now:

LAY’S® Classic Potato Chips
LAY’S® Deli Style Potato Chips
LAY’S® Lightly Salted BBQ Flavored Potato Chips
LAY’S® Lightly Salted Potato Chips
LAY’S® Simply Sea Salt Flavored Thick Cut Potato Chips
LAY’S® STAX® All American Cheeseburger Flavored Potato Crisps

To see more of Lay’s gluten free chips, as well as to get a detailed breakdown of the nutrition of these chips, head over to Lay’s gluten free chips here.


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Candida Treatment: Iodine May Be Exactly What You Need

Candida Treatment That Works – Iodine

Candida Treatment: Iodine May Be Exactly What You Need
Candida Treatment: Iodine May Be Exactly What You Need

Almost everyone, yes everyone is suffering from candida overgrowth. Some of us experience more troublesome candida symptoms than others, but believe me, candida albicans is way more common in humans than doctors and allopaths would have you believe.

And if you are like a lot of people I know, you have followed every diet such as the low carb diet or sugar-free or grain free diet, that you can think of, avoided foods to the point where you are reduced to eating just a handful of things, but your candida still flares from time to time for no apparent reason at all.

And yes, you have tried all the natural supplements, antifungals like coconut oil, probiotics, tea tree oil and other essential oils, and anti-parasitic supplements out there.You have tried the clays and the diatomaceous earth and clean, healthy food, but the candida problem persists.

Could the solution be a simple and inexpensive substance that has been hiding right in front of you? I am talking about iodine, something all of us are familiar with and have used on cuts and bruises most of our lives.

Candida Albicans Susceptibility To Four Disinfectants – Research

This amazing research on how effective iodine and other disinfectants were in killing candida albicans was conducted by Waltimo TM1, Orstavik D, Sirén EK, Haapasalo MP.

They tested the effect of 4 different disinfectants (iodine potassium iodide, chlorhexidine acetate, sodium hypochlorite and calcium hydroxide) separately on Candida Albicans, as well as differnet combinations of disinfectants. Their finding are very interesting:

  • Iodine (2%) potassium iodide (4%) killed all yeast cells within 30 s, yes 30 seconds! Ditto for Sodium hypochlorite (5% and 0.5%).
  • Chlorhexidine acetate (0.5%) showed complete killing after 5 min.
  • C. albicans cells were highly resistant to calcium hydroxide


How To Use Iodine

It is key to remember that while iodine can help with candida albicans and candida overgrowth, iodine is also a very powerful nutrient especially for the thyroid and other glands in our body. Too much iodine can mess with your thyroid levels, and you certainly don’t want that. Your best bet will be to find yourself a good naturopathic doctor who will help you figure out the right dose for you, as well as advise you how long to continue with iodine.

Lugol’s Iodine: the Best Form Of Iodine

Here are some great Lugol iodine products you can buy. Do your research, and consult with a good doctor as well.

Also getting rid of and staying rid of candida also involves a clean diet with minimal processed and junk foods, lots of fresh vegetables and some fruits (when you can tolerate the fruit sugar), nuts, seeds, greens, as well as good supplements. Some supplements that are key for iodine efficacy are Selenium, and Niacin.

OPTIMOX Iodoral High Potency Iodine Potassium Iodide Thyroid Support Supplement, 180 Count J.Crow’s Lugol’s Iodine Solution, 2 oz., Twin Pack (2 Bot.) Nascent Iodine Supplement – High Potency Liquid Drops for Thyroid Support to Improve Energy & More – Iodine Edge J.CROW’S® Lugol’s Solution of Iodine 2% 2oz Nascent Iodine Drops Supplement for Best Absorption – Liquid Concentrated Drops Optimox Iodoral 50mg 90 tabs 7% Lugol’s Iodine Solution (1 Oz. – 30 ml). Made with 7 Percent Iodine and 14% Potassium Iodide.

Books To Help You Understand Iodine Supplementation

As always, discuss your supplements with your doctor, and this is particularly true for iodine.



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Make These Anti-Inflammatory Foods Part Of Your Life

List of Anti Inflammatory Foods

Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Your Diet

Make These Anti-Inflammatory Foods Part Of Your Life

Low grade inflammation can easily turn chronic, and is believed to be involved in a number of chronic diseases like heart disease, strokes, Alzheimers, Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and more. Scientists still do not fully understand the mechanics of how all this links together, nor are there any drugs that can help deal with chronic inflammation.

What you can do is to eat cleaner and better everyday. Nature is bursting with foods and herbs that can nourish and sustain us but it is for us to embrace the natural, less processed foods, and avoid the manmade, highly processed nonsense that grocery shelves are packed with.

As a general rule, if you are fighting inflammation in your body, go for sweet, bitter, and astringent foods, and reduce your consumption of spicy, salty, and sour foods. This is as per the Ayurvedic principles, and makes enormous sense.

Turmeric – Anti Inflammatory or Not?

Turmeric - Anti Inflammatory or Not?


Turmeric is an interesting herb that appears on every anti inflammatory list you will come across. Folks swear by it’s terrific anti-inflammatory properties. While it is true that turmeric is a powerful healer and inflammation fighter, it must be used moderately. Turmeric is a very heating herb and can easily tip the your body balance towards high pitta dosha (a highly heated body in ayurveda). Adding small amounts too your everyday foods is the best way to consume it. You can also add a pinch to hot milk to make a delicious and nourishing  bedtime soother.

List of Anti Inflammatory Foods

List of Anti Inflammatory Foods

Go crazy with these vegetables:

  • Alfalfa (make sure it is organic)
  • Asparagus
  • Artichoke
  • Kale
  • Bell Peppers
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Dates
  • Pears
  • Peaches
  • Mango
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds
  • Milk, ghee, coconut oil
  • …………..
    and the list goes on. Get the full list here

Above all, stay cool, calm, joyful. Calm that raging fire in your to a steady, nurturing flame and enjoy your newly balanced life!




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Vaccine Dangers .. & What You Really Want To Know About Vaccinations

Vaccine Dangers .. (and what you can do about it)

The Dangers Of Vaccination: Real Or Not?

Vaccine Dangers .. (and what you can do about it)
It is undeniable that vaccine dangers, risks and safety, and increasing adverse reactions in children are a hot hot button issue in America now.

An argument about the dangers of vaccinations is raging across this country, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Parents and grandparents are up in arms fighting with each other, their friends, doctors, and even legislators.

It’s a subject so controversial for some that it eclipses our recent elections, our economy, and the healthcare debate itself.

Immunization Dangers

Medical doctors are increasingly being confronted with parents who want to diverge from the recommended vaccine protocol, asking to vaccinate selectively (or sometimes not at all).

They’re asking –

– How do I know for sure that they’re safe for my child?

– Is my child at high risk of having a bad reaction?

– How often should we administer vaccines? Can we space them out?

– How MANY vaccines are really necessary?

– Should we vaccinate at all? Are there alternatives?

– Are we doing more harm than good? (long term)
And a whole lot more.

Vaccine Pros & Cons: Separating The Facts From The Hype

If you ask me, the biggest problem facing the vaccine controversy today is that there’s too much noise. Too much propaganda and emotional arguments. Too many opinions and too few facts.

Just like other “hot button issues”… everyone has an opinion (factual or not), and there’s BIG money at play in the vaccine business to try and tip the hand in one direction or another.
So how do you know what’s best for your child – to vaccinate or not?

Not only are we facing the questions about vaccine safety and integrity…

Now we’ve got to deal with, “Who decides what’s best for my child? Me… or the government?”

California entered the fray when it passed a mandatory “forced vaccination” law in 2016, much to the outrage of many citizens across the state.

How would you feel if your government mandated that you MUST immunize and vaccinate (or must NOT), even if it goes against your religious or philosophical beliefs?

What does it say for freedom when the government starts making major medical decisions for you and your children? Where do we go from here?

How did we ever get to this point regarding Vaccination?

Way back in 1796, when Edward Jenner somewhat accidentally cured a kid with what was then known as “cowpox,” it was a major medical breakthrough.

People in the late 1700s and early 1800s were dying left and right from diseases that could be controlled by vaccines, and with that the race was on.

Fast forward to now and we’re vaccinating our kids against literally “everything,” but we still don’t know how many of these newer vaccines react with our human bodies over time.

In The World Of Vaccines & Immunization, The Risk Is ALL Yours

The double-blind placebo safety studies have not been done, like they are for other pharmaceutical drugs.
And the vaccine companies themselves have immunity from the government. Literally, you cannot sue them if something goes wrong, and your child is injured from the vaccine.

Couple that with the rising anger on both sides at the thought that “the other side” is reckless and ignoring the facts, and you have an issue that’s just about reached a boiling point.
We owe it to our children to get educated about this. To get the facts.

So, which side is correct?

As usual, the truth probably somewhere in the middle of this huge mental fist-fight.

We owe it to our children and our grandchildren to learn as much information as we can (good and bad) about vaccines, so that we can protect them and give them the best chances of having a vibrant, healthy future — free from disease in this modern world.

Even though the debate is contentious on from every angle, one brave team has decided to do something about it.
Filmmaker, author, and health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger, the man who produced the record-setting documentary “The Truth About Cancer” (now seen by 10 million people), has an epic new series about to be released.

Ty and his team traveled the world to interview over 60 of the best vaccine experts on the planet on both sides of the debate. Scientists, researchers, doctors, clinicians… the list is huge.

Their goal with the series is to bring some facts and sanity to the heated vaccine debate. To investigate both sides and separate fact from fiction, so parents can make their own decision about what’s best for their family.
And the result is a new 7-part documentary series called “The Truth About Vaccines.”

The reality is, no matter whether you’re a staunch vaccine supporter, or you believe they should be eliminated completely… your voice matters, and the health of your children and grandchildren shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip.

You deserve to be heard and you deserve to learn all you can about the science and statistics to weigh the benefits and the risks for your own family.

Ty and his team reject the idea that you have to “pick a side” and approach the vaccine safety topic the same way they did cancer… interview the best experts, collect the facts, look at the science, and then pull it all together to find the real truth… free from speculation, hype, and emotional bias.

On April 12th at 9pm Eastern, “The Truth About Vaccines” premieres, and the answers will be revealed. 7 episodes in 7 days.

It’s the biggest, most comprehensive documentary series on vaccines ever released.

And they’re giving away the whole thing for FREE.

Click HERE to get a sneak preview and register to watch the entire series free of charge.


This is a one-time event. And it’s your chance to join the debate in a positive, meaningful and very powerful way. Don’t leave the health of your children to chance. Or to government.

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10 Bath Bombs 2016 Gifts That Will Simply Thrill The Women In Your Life

Best Bath Bombs 2016 Gift Sets

Did You Know Bath Bombs Are A Terrific Way To Warm A Girl’s (& Guy’s) Heart?

Best Bath Bombs 2016 Gift Sets

After all, who wouldn’t love spa luxury right in one’s bath tub? These colorful, lush bath luxuries not only look so attractive nestling in their packages, they literally pack a bomb too. Soak in a hot bath with these fizzy-ing wonders, and watch your stresses and aches and pains and anxieties melt away. The herbal smells will blow you away too.

Make An Awesome Christmas Gift With These Bath Bombs From Amazon

  1. 8 USA Made Bath Bombs Gift Set – Bath Bombs Kit – Ultra Lush Spa Fizzies

8 USA Made Bath Bombs Gift Set – Bath Bombs Kit – Ultra Lush Spa Fizzies – Best Gift Ideas – Enjoyable than Bath Beads & other Bath Products – Add to bath bubbles – Tub Tea – Bath Basket
  • SUPERIOR VALUE: 8 (EIGHT) unique bath bombs (golf-ball size) in a box instead of the standard 6 and two times the aroma compared to other brands.
  • SAVE 5% ON ENTIRE PURCHASE when you purchase 3 or more! Enter code HANZABB5 at checkout!
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEAS: Elegant gift set packaging makes these bath bombs look like jewels
  • Better than bath beads: carefully formulated recipe ensures that it has the perfect balance of ingredients. You will not feel greasy after the bath and the smell is neither too soft nor too over-powering compared to other brands. Mixing and matching more than one of these bath bombs creates an amazing “new” smell experience altogether.

2. Art Naturals Bath Bombs Holiday Gift Set

Art Naturals Bath Bombs Holiday Gift Set – 6 X 4.1 Oz Ultra Lush Essential Oil Handmade Spa Bomb Fizzies – Organic & Natural Ingredients & Shea Butter for Moisturizing Dry Skin – Relaxation In a Box

  • All Natural ingredients of sea clay and free of dyes or artificial colors
  • All Natural Bath Bombs for Spa Quality Aromatherapy and deep muscle relief
  • 6 Unique Bath Bomb fizzies to target your specific needs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back
  • Paraben-free and cruelty-free

3. Bath Bomb Gift Set USA – 6 Vegan All Natural Essential Oil Lush Fizzies

Bath Bomb Gift Set USA – 6 Vegan All Natural Essential Oil Lush Fizzies. Organic Shea and Cocoa Soothe Dry Skin. Birthday Gifts for her, Teen girls, Christmas gift. Add to Bath Bubbles – Bath Basket
  • HANDMADE DAILY IN USA. Natures garden to your bath. NO toxic fragrances like other brands
  • Buy 3 & SAVE 5% enter code YIPPEE05 at checkout. Buy 4 & SAVE 8% enter code YIPPEE08 at checkout. With our 100% money back guarantee you can buy with confidence.
  • Our Handmade Fizzers Bath kit Contains 6 Unique Experiences That Will Take Your Senses To A Place You Can Only Imagine. RELAXATION (Lavender) , DETOX (Vanilla) , ENERGIZE (Grapefruit), DE-STRESS, SINUS (Peppermint), CONGESTION RELIEF (Eucalyptus).

4. Bath Bombs 10 Wholesale Bath Bombs Similar To Lush, Large

Bath Bombs 10 Wholesale Bath Bombs Similar To Lush, Large, 4.5 oz.
  • Large in size each bath bomb is approximately 4.5 oz. not 2.5 (compare in size to a tennis ball)
  • Handmade fresh to order using only the finest premium natural ingredients
  • Individually wrapped with a premium ribbon, label inside has name, ingredients, size
  • Most infused with premium toppings such as flower buds, flower pedals, glitter & sea salt
  • Worlds largest selection of bath bombs 50+ different ones made with pride in the U.S.A

5. Premium Bath Bombs Gift Set by Mavogel -6 Pack of Assorted Spa Bath Fizzies with Organic & Natural Ingredients

Premium Bath Bombs Gift Set by Mavogel -6 Pack of Assorted Spa Bath Fizzies with Organic & Natural Ingredients for Moisturizing Dry Skin-A Unique Present For Relaxation
  • Best Gift Set-The moisturizing benefits of the bath bombs are truly explosive.Each bath bomb softens skin from head to toe while immersing you in a soothing scents bath experience.
  • 6 Bath Bomb fizzies designed specifically for your unique needs-Purple Vanilla, Blue Peppermint, Red Rose, Yellow Lemon, Green Tea, White Milk.
  • Our bath bombs contain the finest ingredients including mineral salts, baking soda, polyethylene glycol-400, cellulose gum, mild cleansing factor, citric acid, essential oils.
  • Each bath bomb is like having a spa treatment right at home. The unique mineral salt formulations can thoroughly clean the skin, making skin more healthy, aromatherapy bath let you experience the fragrance of the charming bathing fun.Gift the kit to friends and family for Christmas or the Holidays.

6. Bath Bombs Gift Set by Anjou, 6 x 3.5 Oz Bath Bombs Kit, Best for Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Moisturizing

Bath Bombs Gift Set by Anjou, 6 x 3.5 Oz Bath Bombs Kit, Best for Aromatherapy, Relaxation, Moisturizing with Organic & All Natural Essential Oils, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter
  • 100% natural bath bombs: Benefit from a product that’s entirely natural and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Anjou bath bombs take care of your skin as well as of your stress in a whole natural way
  • Spa experience: Enjoy a sizzling and slightly foamed and colorless bath that is as good on your skin as it is fun to prepare. Experience all the pleasures of a SPA treatment directly from home
  • 6 essential oils: Explore 6 different flavors and fragrances to best match your mood. Benefit from the numerous qualities of peppermint, sweet orange, lemon, rose, lavender, and even citronella

7. Double Gift Set, 12 Wholesale Bath Bombs from Enhance Me- Handmade

Double Gift Set, 12 Wholesale Bath Bombs from Enhance Me- Handmade with Shea Butter and Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, “See, Smell and See The Difference”
  • Two Gift Sets, 12 Bath Bombs, for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Birthdays, or get for yourself
  • Enhance, heal & enrich your skin with our lush bath bombs: natural collagen production – shea butter.
  • SKIN SUPERFOOD = Shea butter! This rich butter from the Shea tree is naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F.
  • Handmade with love. Pamper yourself with these wonderful smelling 1.9 oz bath bombs
  • MADE IN THE US- Beautiful fizzy bath bombs are hand-made in the USA, make wonderful relaxation gifts.

8. Bath Bombs Gift Set – Luxury Bath Fizzies – Lush Size 6oz Natural Bath Balls – US Made

Bath Bombs Gift Set – Luxury Bath Fizzies – Lush Size 6oz Natural Bath Balls – US Made – Bombe la la la
  • BIG & LUSH 6 Tennis ball sized 6 oz Vegan – Non GMO – Assorted Bath Balls – Pure White Bath Fizzers – evoking Spa Indulgence Parisian Chic and a Tub full of Bath Bomb Bliss
  • ELEGANT LUXURY Each lush bath bomb is nestled in tissue paper and dressed to impress presented in a classy “to die for” gift box – think Sephora Ulta Nieman Marcus any high end store
  • LOVINGLY CRAFTED Luxuriate in healing shea butter natural oil fresh fragrances and flower power leaving you and your tub peachy clean. No harsh chemicals No Parabens SLS Phthalate Free – Fresh and American by birth made in our bath bomb bakery by an all-female crew (Go Girls) – Guaranteed to soothe and delight or your money back

9. Bath Bombs Deluxe Gift Set – DOZEN Lush Luxury Bath Fizzies

Bath Bombs Deluxe Gift Set – DOZEN Lush Luxury Bath Fizzies – Best Spa and Beauty Product. Infused with Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and a Variety of Aromatherapy Essential Oils
  • Gift the kit to friends and family for Christmas or the Holidays. It is bound to be a winner with men and women.
  • HEALTHY CHOICE: Contains ingredients that promote natural healing, such as Shea butter, Essential oils and Clays. Shea butter is a superior moisturizer with vitamin A that improves a number of skin conditions such as itchy and dry skin, wrinkles and blemishes.
  • ORGANIC & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our bath bombs are made with the best natural & organic ingredients and essential oils for a natural and relaxing soak. Ingredients include Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and a Variety of Aromatherapy Essential Oils and their own blends of Essential Oils.

10. Bath Bombs Set – 6 Extra Large Size, 4.5 Ounce Per Scent – Lavender, Cucumber Melon, Moonlight Rose

Bath Bombs Set – 6 Extra Large Size, 4.5 Ounce Per Scent – Lavender, Cucumber Melon, Moonlight Rose, Grapefruit Tangerine, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Cool Water, Aromatherapy Bath, By Oliver Rocket
  • BATH BOMBS GIFT SET ★ A great mixture of fizzy, fragrant and soothing scents for a delightful bath experience – Makes a great gift for mom
  • ★ SIX UNIQUE BATH FIZZIES ★ Lavender, Cucumber Melon, Moonlight Rose, Grapefruit Tangerine, Black Raspberry Vanilla and Cool Water
  • ★ HANDMADE IN THE USA ★ Every bath bomb is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and are organic, vegan, gluten-free and handmade in the USA
  • ★ EXTRA LARGE 4.5 OZ ★ Each aromatherapy bath bomb is 4.5 ounces for a long lasting, fizzy luxury bath experience
  • ★ HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS ★ Our bath bombs contain the finest ingredients including baking soda, citric acid, kosher sea salt, water, shea butter, coconut oil, colorant and fragrance

[This article contains affiliate links; we make a small commission when you buy off these links. We hope you will support us.]


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Obesity: Are You Guilty Of Over-Consuming Sugar & Grains?


Obesity: Sugar & Grains The Key Culprits In Modern Diets

obesity, fat, and disease

Overconsumption of sugar and grains has led us to a major health epidemic of obesity, heart disease, strokes, and more!  On Day 4, our amazing experts will show you the importance of healthy fats in healing the thyroid, the effects of fat on mood, the truth about heart disease, and how to sustain life-long weight loss.

Get Informed To Return To Great Health

The fat and obesity problems plaguing most of the world may be related to excess consumption of grains and sugar. The Fat Summit provides you with ground-breaking talks from the world’s best doctors and nutritionists.

Today’s talks include:

Marc David

The Psychology of Eating

  • Intuitive eating
  • The effects of fat on mood
  • Speed up your metabolism!

Aseem Malhotra, MD

We’ve Got It All Wrong About Fat

  • Healthy history of the Mediterranean diet/lifestyle
  • The truth about cholesterol
  • Dangers of insulin resistance

Alberto Villoldo, PhD, Shaman, Anthropologist

Shamanic Healing

  • Benefits of shamanic healing
  • Repairing mitochondria
  • Epidemic from the overconsumption of sugar/grains

Dana Trentini

The Importance of Thyroid Health

  • Dealing with hypothyroidism
  • Healthy fats and hormonal health
  • Pregnancy and the thyroid

Dave Asprey

Biohacking Your Health

  • How to sustain life-long weight loss
  • The dangers of a low-fat diet
  • Hormonal balance and weight metabolism

Register now to listen to daily free talks for a limited time.

Great news, you can own all the amazing talks and take back your and your family’s health now.


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Eczema Treatment – Successful Strategies To Use Now

Eczema & Dermatitis: How To Get Relief

Eczema Treatment - Successful Strategies To Use Now

Eczema Treatment – Successful Strategies To Use Now

Dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a group of diseases that result in inflammation of the skin. They are characterized by itchiness and red skin. In cases of short duration there may be small blisters while in long term cases the skin may become thickened. The area of skin involved can vary from small to the entire body.

Dermatitis is a group of skin conditions that includes atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, and stasis dermatitis. The exact cause of dermatitis is often unclear.

Dermatitis was estimated to affect 334 million people globally in 2013.

Source: Wikipedia

The reddened, itchy rash of eczema can be very uncomfortable, especially for babies and small children who do not understand what is going on. Even adults can suffer from eczema. For more information on this skin condition, keep reading the following article.

Eczema Is Not Psoriasis

Eczema while a major pain to live with, is far different from psoriasis. Psoriasis is far more serious and is an autoimmune disease:

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin.

It typically affects the outside of the elbows, knees or scalp, though it can appear on any location. Some people report that psoriasis is itchy, burns and stings. Psoriasis is associated with other serious health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and depression.

If you develop a rash that doesn’t go away with an over-the-counter medication, you should consider contacting your doctor.


Products To Soothe The Rash

Strategies To Use For Relief

Eczema Flareup & Itchy Skin May be Relieved With A Cold Compress

As you may already know, when you have a flare-up with your eczema, the itching associated with it is almost unbearable. You want to scratch the affected skin, but you know that if you do it will only make the situation worse. A cold compress can curb your desire to scratch. The compress provides some relief because it reduces inflammation of the affected skin cells.

Avoid Heat, Allergens & Soap To Calm Atopic Dermatitis

Avoid hot water if you have eczema. Take showers that are short and warm. Don’t use the soap that’s too harsh and get a gentle cleanser. Then you should be a lot more gentle with your skin when you clean it. When the skin is clean, then gently pat it dry.

Don’t take showers that are too hot. Hot showers might feel wonderful, but they can actually irritate your skin. If you have an eczema problem, try limiting how many hot showers you’re taking. Take showers with room temperature water. Use a gentle cleanser on your skin and moisturize it when you are done.

If you have allergies, being exposed to what you are allergic to may make your eczema worse. Eczema is not an allergy, but some common allergens that could trigger eczema are dairy products, eggs, wheat and tomatoes. Other things that could make your eczema flare up are pet dander, pollen, dust and mold.

Avoid Scratching The Itch

There are several things you can do to keep yourself from scratching your eczema. The best thing to do is keep it covered. Loose clothing may work, or try bandages or dressings on the afflicted area. Keep your fingernails trimmed short, and consider wearing gloves when you go to bed to avoid scratching while you are sleeping.

Eczema Is Helped By Wearing Cottons & Breathing Fabrics

Make sure you wear clothes that are as loose and comfortable as possible. People that have eczema have skin that is very sensitive to certain fabrics. Try sticking with clothing made of breathable fabrics like cotton or cotton blends. Try to avoid wearing synthetic fabrics or wool since these materials can cause flare-ups.

Know Your Triggers

Eczema has triggers, and it is important you determine what those are. Various items such as fabrics, soaps and detergents can cause flare-ups. Other triggers can be stress or sweating. Find out your triggers and take steps to avoid them.

People that have eczema are prone to skin infections. When the skin is irritated, sometimes its surface cracks and gaps are formed. Germs can envade the skin through these gaps and cause an infection. To reduce this risk, use a mild, non-drying cleanser on your skin to remove dirt, bacteria, and other foreign matter. Gently apply the cleanser with your fingertips and rinse it off with tepid water.

Try to avoid stress. Too much stress can trigger eczema. Of course, eczema is itchy and unpleasant and can lead to even more stress. Break the cycle by finding ways to unwind. Find a new, relaxing hobby. Devote a few days a week to getting some exercise. Find a method of getting rid of stress that works for you.

Your Rash may be Helped By A Humidifier

If your eczema is really patchy, try getting a humidifier. Humidifiers puts moisture in the air. Clean steam helps keep the air and your skin moisturized. This will keep your skin feeling its best regardless of the weather outside. Make sure to prevent any other health issues by keeping it clean.

Talk To Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor. Eczema is unpleasant, and you shouldn’t have to suffer because of it. Get some professional advice if managing your eczema proves too difficult. A doctor can usually help determine what is causing your eczema, give you advice, and prescribe something to help, like a cream or antihistamine.

Avoid scrubbing your skin. Eczema won’t just scrub away in the shower. Scrubbing your skin when you bathe will only serve to irritate it. Avoid using exfoliating scrubs and rough sponges or loofahs. Instead, use cotton rags and a gentle, unscented soap for sensitive skin. This will be much easier on your skin.

If you have to use rubber or latex gloves, put on a pair of thin cotton gloves before you put the rubber or latex gloves on. This will help avoid a reaction to the rubber or latex and will help keep your hands protected from the sweat that these gloves can cause.

Now that you have finished reading this article, you should be much better informed about eczema. It can be a very unpleasant condition, so you need to find a way to treat it and prevent it from flaring up again. The tips that you have read here should point you in the right direction.



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Rheumatoid Arthritis – How To Cope

Rheumatoid Arthritis - How To Cope

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Causes & Treatments

Rheumatoid Arthritis - How To Cope

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder that can affect more than just your joints. In some people, the condition also can damage a wide variety of body systems, including the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels.

An autoimmune disorder, rheumatoid arthritis occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks your own body’s tissues.

Source: Mayo Clinic

In the United States alone, there are more than 50 million people living with the pain of arthritis. So why isn’t there more information out there on what can be done to help people living with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis? This article will give you some absolutely essential arthritis advice that everyone should know and that you may not have found elsewhere. (Also read this  and this.)

Arthritis & Stress: Reduce Your Stress Levels

If you suffer from arthritis, it is very important that you do not get too stressed out. Stress makes the body tense, which in turn, makes your arthritis worse. It is important that you keep your body relaxed at all times to prevent your joints from getting too stiff and cramped.

Make time in your day to do the things you love. Increased stress levels can lead to more arthritis flare-ups. If you find time to do the activities you enjoy, you’ll improve your mood and your energy levels. This kind of effect will lead to lasting improvement for your symptoms.

Try to participate in aquatic activities if you suffer from arthritis. Aquatic activities are beneficial for loosening up joints and muscles, and the water, especially warm water, is soothing to chronic arthritis sufferers. If you cannot swim, consider signing up for a swimming class.

Exercise For Reduced Joint Pain & Stiffness

Exercise is one of the best medicines for arthritis. It is a great help in reducing pain and stiffness in your joints. It will increase your flexibility and the strength of your muscles which will help your body avoid further injury. Make sure to make time every day for exercise and you will see the benefits.

Treat yourself to a massage to help your arthritis pain

Seeing a trained massage therapist can help soothe your sore muscles, reduce your swelling and inflammation. You can also see these same benefits at home by massaging the affected areas for just a few minutes a day. Make sure to use oils or creams to make it as gentle as possible.

A great way to soothe the pain of arthritis symptoms is to get a massage. If the pain is not too severe, massages are a great way to help with pain as long as your muscles are not too tender. Massage helps release tension associated with joint stress. Try to find a massage therapist who is familiar with patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

Best Products For Massage Therapy

Go to occupational therapy. Many arthritis sufferers have problem spots in certain areas of their everyday home lives, but they let these go unchecked for different reasons. Visiting with an occupational therapist will let you address these concerns, and get help with working out proper solutions, rather than just ignoring the problems at hand.

Arthritis and stress flaring up prevent you from getting out and about. Having arthritis you might be tempted to stay home, not get out or meet friends You will feel more relaxed and calmer when you are interacting with other people, when you are relaxed and calm your stress levels and arthritis will stop flaring.

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Smoking

Make sure you don’t smoke. Smoking has been shown to increase your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Not only that, but if you do develop it, smoking has been shown to worsen the joint damage. Patients who smoke most often have much more severe symptoms than those patients who don’t smoke.

Arthritis & Pregnancy

Make sure to educate yourself as much as possible about rheumatoid arthritis, and how it can affect pregnancy and breastfeeding. There’s a lot of different information out there, and being well educated can make all the difference in the world in how you handle your symptoms and flare ups.

Drop the extra pounds to help reduce your arthritis symptoms. Eat in moderation and avoid foods that would aggravate inflammation in your joints. This will help to ease the pressure on your arthritic joints. Rheumatoid arthritis responds especially well to this healthy diet and weight loss. You may see its pain and inflammation decrease dramatically.

Best Products For Arthritis Relief

Establishing a consistent routine of therapy and medications is extremely important for any child that has rheumatoid. Although young arthritis sufferers may require medication, it is important to continue regular activities to avoid stiffness and degeneration of other joints.

Try using walking aids when you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis flare ups. Walking aids will help relieve the pain and stress on your joints. Every step you take can cause intense pain, so use crutches, a cane, or knee braces to help relieve the pressure and increase your mobility.

Rheumatoid arthritis fatigue can be difficult to overcome, but if you’ve tried everything and are still lethargic you should consider other problems you might have. Visit a sleep clinic to get an assessment and you might find you’re actually battling sleep apnea, a condition where you literally stop breathing overnight.

With millions and millions of people dealing with arthritis, it’s important to spread any useful information about arthritis that you can. Now that you’ve read this article, don’t just apply the tips to your life. Be sure to share them with others too. Everyone should know what they can do to help manage their arthritis.

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Got Acid Reflux? Learn About Causes, Solutions & Treatment

Acid reflux: Causes, treatment & solutions
Acid reflux: Causes, treatment & solutions
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Acid Reflux: How Common Is It?

Acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion: these are surprisingly common problems faced by people worldwide. There can be a range of causes and triggers for heartburn, GERD and acid reflux.

Trying to get rid of your acid reflux can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. You have to make sure you know what remedies are out there so you can make a well-informed decision. You don’t want to make things worse, and you don’t want to leave it hanging there, as acid reflux over time can turn into worse situations for you. Here are some common solutions to prevent and/or ease acid reflux.

Preventing Acute Acid Reflux

Try to lose some weight. If you are overweight, especially around your abdomen, it will put increased pressure on your stomach. This can contribute to an increase in acid reflux symptoms. Simply losing a couple of pounds will reduce the pressure on your stomach, which in turn will reduce acid reflux.

TIP! Drink only a few hours before or after a meal. This can help you cope with hunger as you are going to be thirsty.

The way you sit after eating can affect acid reflux and can keep it from traveling up your esophagus. After eating, try to remain sitting upright for around two to three hours before lying down. If you’re having problems when you lay down later, prop your head up about six inches.

To avoid heartburn at night, sleep on your back, with your head propped up.

If you suffer from acid reflux symptoms at night time, you may need to change the way you sleep. You should be laying on your back, with the upper half of your body propped up by a few pillows. When you lay flat, whether on your back, stomach or side, you are allowing acid to come up through the esophagus.

Take Care During Strenuous Exercise

It is important to avoid vigorous exercise if you deal with GERD. When you are compressing the stomach violently, you’ll find that acid makes its way up into your esophagus. Instead, engage in moderate activity which helps you lose weight, stay in shape and yet ensures that acid stays where it belongs.

TIP! Stress is a factor in acid reflux. When stress rears its head, acid production increases, causing reflux.

Aloe Vera & Slippery Elm Soothe Acid Reflux

Turn to aloe vera  for a soothing way to heal the damage acid reflux can cause. It reduces inflammation in the esophagus and the lining of the stomach itself. All you need is a half a cup before a meal to aid in your digestive regeneration, but remember that it is also a laxative!

A useful supplement called slippery elm helps to thicken the mucous that lines your stomach. It helps guard acid excessive irritation from acid. To obtain the maximum relief, many people mix one or two tablespoons of slippery elm into their glass of water right before bed.

Vinegar & Spicy Can Trigger GERD

While vinegar tastes great on salads or french fries, anyone with acid reflux should avoid eating it. Vinegar, along with citrus fruit and tomatoes, is high in acid, and the more acid you eat, the more acid will return up your esophagus and cause you pain and discomfort after meals.

TIP! Sometimes, there is nothing that can be done to prevent acid reflux disease. This is why you need to learn of what you can do when an attack occurs.

Avoid eating spicy foods including those with hot peppers in them. These foods can lead to painful acid reflux after eating, so not eating them can easily remedy your discomfort. Instead, focus on spices which don’t lead to pain, such as cinnamon or herbs. They taste great and leave you comfortable post-meal.

Acid Reflux Treatments You Can Get Over The Counter

There are many over-the-counter medications you can take for acid reflux. They are called antacids and they work by stopping excess acid production. Just be aware that no one medication works for everyone. If you try one and it is not effective for you, keep trying others until you find the right one for you.

Reflux may be so painful that it may seem like a heart attack. For your health and safety, always have a doctor check out chest pains. It is possible your chest pain is a heart attack. Call a doctor as soon as you can for help. Do not take any risks if you believe your health might be at risk.

After you make a meal, wait at least 30 minutes for it to cool down before consumption. When you eat food that is too high in temperature, your body can react with heartburn and acid reflux. Make a side platter with your meal so you can consume that while you are waiting for your main dish to cool.

TIP! If you experience issues after working out vigorously, there might be a simple solution. Increase your water intake.

There is a drug called phenylalanine and it is found inside of most over-the-counter antacids. If you have acid reflux and you also have mental retardation and/or seizures, you should not take them. This is because the phenylalanine will make you more prone to having seizures. Talk to your doctor about other options.


Acid Reflux Dietary Modifications

TIP! Try to keep yourself elevated when going to bed. Sometimes it could be enough to just add a pillow or two to help you.

You want to avoid foods that contain a high amount of acid in order to reduce acid reflux attacks. Examples of foods that are known to have a high acidic content are grapefruit, tomatoes, and pineapple. If you do have a history of issues after eating these foods, it may be best to avoid eating them late at night, or entirely.

Avoid stressful situations. Stress can cause your stomach to produce more acid than usual. Figure out why you are feeling anxious and cope with it as soon as you can.

Try a bit of light exercise; walking is a good choice. It will help with acid reflux. For one thing, staying upright allows you to take advantage of the gravity when it comes to digestion. Additionally, the more excess weight you lose, the less likely acid reflux will bother you. Avoid intense exercise, especially anything that might stress the stomach or abominable areas, it can make reflux worse.

TIP! Chew a stick of gum if you feel like your acid reflux issue is not under control at night. A stick of gum can increase the amount of saliva that you have in your mouth, which can help push down the acid that is getting into your esophagus from your stomach.

Participate in gentle, upright exercise such as cycling or walking. Such exercise helps with acid reflux for a number of reasons. Your stomach can digest foods better when you remain in an upright position. Exercising also promotes weight loss which will help your acid reflux. While moderate exercise is vital, avoid intense exercise since it can worsen reflux.

Include plenty of high fiber foods into your diet. High fiber foods absorb the fats which will limit the effects of acid reflux. Good choices of high fiber foods should include natural grains such as wheat bread, brown rice and starchy vegetables like potatoes and beans. Incorporate some high fiber choices into each meal for best results.

Chew gum after your meals. Believe it or not, chewing gum can help alleviate acid reflux because it encourages saliva production. Saliva helps eliminate stomach acid. In addition, you will likely swallow more often, which further helps clear acid. Aim to chew cinnamon or fruit-flavored gum rather than mint because mint could worsen your acid reflux.

TIP! One of the worst things you can do if you suffer from acid reflux is to lie down after a meal. It is very important that for at least two hours after you eat, you do not lie flat on your back or stomach.

Chew some mint-free gum after every meal. Chewing gum helps with producing saliva, which can neutralize stomach acid. It also causes frequent swallowing, which can clear aggravating acid away from the esophagus quicker. Mint flavored gums can relax the LES and worsen a reflux, so try going with fruit or cinnamon gums.

You should now have a much better idea as to how you can take control of your acid reflux and kick it out of your life. You don’t want to have to put up with this annoying condition for any longer. Instead, you need to focus on the tips that have been provided to you here so that you can be sure that you have everything under wraps.