Gluten Free Foods List for Celiac Disease, IBS, Gluten Intolerance, also Vegan, vegetarian, GMO Free - US Edition 2014

Who Else Wants To Eat Healthier Gluten Free?

Get this handy ebook of hand-picked, gluten free foods - mostly non gmo, vegan, and vegetarian.

'101 Gluten Free Foods For Celiac Disease, IBS, and Gluten Intolerance'.


Eat healthy gluten free in a snap with this handy-dandy ebook containing 101 cleaner gluten free foods. This ebook will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about each food product, so you can decide if that food is right for you. Then order with a click from Amazon, or take the ebook on your tablet or mobile phone to the grocery store for easy reference. And did we tell you, the majority of foods in this amazing gluten free foods ebook are non gmo, vegan and vegetarian? Don't wait, get this awesome gluten free shopping guide now!

  • 101 Gluten Free Foods for Celiac Disease, IBS, Gluten Intolerance
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Why do I need this book?

Well, ask yourself this: Can you really trust the hundreds of gluten free food products that line up the grocery shelves? The demand for gluten free food is so high now that new 'gluten free' foods are appearing every day. But simply because a food has the label 'gluten free' does not mean that it is good for you. The truth is that a very large number of these gluten free products are truly unhealthy!

You, the consumer, will have to exercise great caution while choosing your gluten free foods - not all gluten free foods are created healthy!

Gluten Free foods for gluten free diet

List of Gluten Free Foods

This gluten free list of foods includes snacks, breakfast foods, beverages, meals, cooking basics, desserts and more.

Mostly Non GMO products

We have selected these gluten free foods to be non GMO as far as possible - after all, you want to be eating cleaner foods on your gluten free diet, right?

Mostly vegan and vegetarian too

What's more, 90% of the foods in this list of gluten free foods are vegetarian and vegan too. Lots of allergen free options too.

No Junk, Cleaner Gluten Free

Get started right now with all you need to eat cleaner, healthier gluten free foods, and feel the difference.

Wouldn't you love to eat a healthier, cleaner gluten free diet - no GMO, no junk, healthier food?

Get the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with this list of gluten free foods.

Eating healthy gluten free food should not be so difficult. The fact is, though, that it is hard and time-consuming to find clean, gluten free foods to eat every day. We live in a world full of industrial food, gmo, additives, preservatives and more. Get this gluten free food list on your side, and know your gluten free foods inside out.

FoodSniffr sniffs out gmo, gluten free, vegan, and other foods
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FoodSniffr for your health

FoodSniffr was built out of our own need for clean, healthy foods..

FoodSniffr has sifted through thousands of food products to bring you this list of 101 gluten free foods that you can add to your diet today.

Most of the foods in this collection are non gmo; if you are following a gluten free diet for all the right reasons, you must truly avoid putting any more burden on your already sensitive and vulnerable gut. Eating non gmo is a great way to ensure you are avoiding some of the unknowns inherent in gmo foods.

What’s more, this collection offers you a wide selection of foods that are mostly vegan and vegetarian. The foods included here also have a zero to minimal overhead in terms of chemicals, preservatives, additives, and other industrial ingredients. Where a food does contain these, they are prominently highlighted in oranges and reds.

Our hand-picked gluten free products have little or none of the bad stuff - high fat, high sodium, refined and bleached flour.

That's another ugly truth about a large number of gluten free food products: since often times, these products try to mimic the glutened products that gluten free folk miss so very much early on in the diet, you end up eating the same junk as you did before. The guilty products include gluten free breads, cake, cupcakes, mac and cheese, pizza, cereals - the list goes on and on.

We have dug into our database of foods for every category of food - snacks, breakfast, home cooking, meals, desserts - and selected the very best that we can find. Thus you are assured a healthier, cleaner selection of foods to power you on your journey towards gluten free health. It is hard enough eating a limited, special diet; give yourself a powerful edge with this ebook.

Gluten Free products for celiac disease, ibs, gluten intolerance

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