They Had Laughed At Me At Every Family Gathering. But This Time Was Different! .

"Can't wait to see sickly Beth" said Mary wickedly.

"No doughnuts and cake for me, I am eating clean now!" Aunt Ruth mimicked, and roared with laughter."Clean eating, shlean eating, and yet look at her - no energy, and putting on the pounds!"

It was time again for another of the biannual family gatherings, and the room was abuzz with excited chatter. Mary and Aunt Ruth were sitting in a corner, eyeing and measuring up everyone, and cracking up at their own mean observations.

The Vast Majority Just Don't Get The Power Of Healthy Eating

But they were particularly looking forward to seeing Beth, the odd one in the family, and for whom for some unknown reason, they had always saved their sharpest claws. Beth had, for the past year, been shunning the rich, junky foods that seem to weigh down most American tables during social gatherings. And Mary and Aunt Ruth found that particularly irksome, and seemed to take personal offense to Beth's eating habits. "I bet she"ll waddle in, with some more pounds added, her face full of acne; and watch how she avoids all outings with us seeing how she is always so fatigued."

And just then, Beth walks in. No, she glides in. All smiles. Gleaming hair and skin. Svelte body in a simple dress that truly becomes her.

Instantly a tense silence fell on the guests. The room stopped chattering, and everyone turned to look at this gorgeous young woman walking in. Ruth and Mary are too stunned to even breathe. Is that really Beth, their minds are whirring to make sense of the scene in front of them.

"Is that really her?" gasps Mary finally, breathless and barely able to speak. Aunt Ruth was too dazed to respond, quietly wiping her sweaty brow in the middle of winter.

Beth is encircled by a warm, admiring crowd of relatives and friends, and it is a while before she comes up to these two. The barbed and not-so-barbed comments of her cousin and aunt had not escaped her in the past. But she was too well brought up to be rude or hostile. She greets the dazed twosome warmly, and sits down beside them.

Driving 'em Insane With A Smile!

"Look at you, what have you done to yourself?" Ruth finally asks. "Where is the Beth we have always known?"

"Well, I have been doing what I have been doing for the past year; eating clean, and buying only clean and healthy foods at the grocery store" says Beth with a smile.

"That's it?" says Mary, not bothering to hide her skepticism. "Yes, that's it" came back the answer.

How Do You Look This Healthy, Fabulous, and Glowing?

Just then, Mrs Thomson walked over to our little group, along with a handsome young man who could not take his eyes off Beth. Mrs Thomson clasped Beth's hands, and congratulated her on how great she looked. "How do you do it?" she asked. Then more curious guests joined them, plying Beth with rapid questions..."What's your secret, pray tell?"... "Is there a man in your life?"...."Have you been to an expensive spa to look so amazing?"....

"Oh, it's really simple!" says Beth, "I am meticulous about what I put into my body. And it starts with buying only clean foods to bring into my kitchen."

"But that should take you hours and hours, finding 'clean' products? Most of us don't have time to read food labels, and nutrition labels, and then hunt down these products. I actually tried for a bit but gave up." Mrs Thomson said in a low, disappointed voice.

"No, no, it is way simpler than that" Beth replies. "I have found this awesome website FoodSniffr that does all the heavy-lifting of reading food labels and nutrition info. They then give a list of foods that you can consider, based on scores, etc. I spend 20 minutes a week creating my grocery list!"

Only 20 Minutes A Week For A Healthy Grocery List!

The group gasps in amazement. Is that all it would take for them to look as exquisite and stunning as Beth! Beth goes on about how simple and easy it really is, and that there really is no excuse to bring in unhealthy foods into the home. "I save time and money" informs Beth "but more importantly, I have never felt so energetic and full of life!"

A Complete Win In A Surprisingly Short Time!

"And just a short while ago, you were the fat and ugly duckling!" said Mary, shaking her head at the complete turnaround. Beth grinned good-humoredly. She knew she had the last laugh after all!

Eating Healthy Everyday - It's So Quick & Easy, It's A No-Brainer

It is truly amazing to us at FoodSniffr how people will continue to eat bad and unhealthy foods, because they think it is too hard or too painful or too expensive to make the shift towards healthier eating. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is now an established fact that poor eating habits are responsible for a wide range of serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimers.

On the other hand, there are thousands of stories of people who have turned their health and their lives around by being more aware of what they are eating. Like Beth. And you too can do it, with a little help from FoodSniffr.

Make Your Clean & Healthy Grocery List in 20 Minutes A Week - Even If You Have Special Diet Needs!

FoodSniffr makes it so simple to find healthy grocery foods that you will scratch your head about why it took you so long to get started. And if you think you know all about reading food labels and you don't need FoodSniffr, think again. Can you do all this on your own:

~~ Color-coded Information using traffic light system to tell you quickly what's good or bad about each product: This will enable you to quickly assess if a product is right for you or not. Every product has a score that will help you find the healthiest snacks or cereals or frozen meals or desserts. To eat healthy, simply choose products with high scores of 7-10.

~~ Food Allergies? No Problem! : Each product in our database will also give you a breakdown of all the food allergens it contains. And if you have even more special needs like you need products that are gluten free and free from soy and corn, we have it for you!

~~ Bad Ingredients Highlighted For You: As you use FoodSniffr, you will find yourself learning so much about your foods. You will likely find that your favorite bars and breads have MSG or GMOs; you may never have known on your own that carrageenan is highly avoidable, or that foods you thought were free from trans fats actually do contain it. Food today is so complicated, you cannot do it alone.

~~ Special Diets Covered: Need gluten free or vegan or vegetarian? No worries, we have a full section for each of these. As also for Non GMO and organic foods. And within these, you can further find foods that are free from this or that. You will be amazed at the rich information you get.

Save To Wish List: As you scan products within FoodSniffr, you can add them to your wish list. Create your grocery list in no time with these wish lists!

Access Anywhere: FoodSniffr is a web app which means you can access it any time, anywhere: on your cell phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. Imagine the ease this brings to you. Open up your wishlist on your phone in the grocery store, and voila!

Buy With A Click: You can buy any of these products listed on FoodSniffr with a click from Amazon or Walmart. No more digging around on these sites to find your products. And if you prefer to shop locally, we have alink for the store locator tool for most of these products. Can it get any easier than this?

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FoodSniffr is a time saver and a life saver. Can't believe I was buying all that junk food without realizing it. I am gradually cleaning up my life, thanks to this amazing tool! - June Steppe

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This is such a fabulous chance to eat cleaner every day, you cannot lose! Get started for FREE to access powerful food information that will reap rewards for years to come. Anyone in their right mind cannot walk away from this information, truly!

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