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FoodSniffr gives you healthy food and healthy eating factsin a color coded manner so that even a kid can understand what's good and what's not. And in the process you will learn so much about what is in your food - does it have trans fat, or hidden MSG, or high sugar or high sodium; does it have GMO, or is it gluten free or dairy free, or any other free; is it vegan or vegetarian, and so much more. Be on your way to a clean diet in no time at all!

You will easily find clean eating and healthy snacks list, healthy foods for kids, as well as clean eating breakfast and dinner ideas with our healthy food lists. FoodSniffr does the heavy lifting for you. Save hours of food label reading, the errors and mistakes you can make while doing so, as well as save money on bad and junk foods that you DON'T buy any more because you have FoodSniffr by your side. Take advantage, and get on with the real work of living - spending time with your loved ones, feel your healthiest best so that you can accept all that life has to offer you, and feeling the joy and thrill that comes from having a healthy and clean body.

Hear from Linda, a 42-year-old mom, and recent convert to eating clean, how she uses FoodSniffr to buy healthy and clean foods at the grocery store.

Hi, I am Linda living in Portland, ME. I was a typical American mom, juggling work and home responsibilities and rushing through my grocery buying chores. Till a couple of months ago, my son, Chris, 8 years old was struck by digestive issues and skin rashes that the doctors could not explain. For weeks, we went from the family physician to specialists to hospitals trying to figure out why my child had turned from a boisterous, cheerful kid to this whiny, irritable boy who missed school too often. That was a dark period, not getting answers at all. Then a friend suggested I look into what Chris was eating every day. I was skeptical at first, after all, I was an aware, educated mom, buying healthy foods (or what I had thought were healthy foods). Nonetheless, I was desperate and made a list of every food that I had purchased from the grocery store or online in the past few months since Chris' troubles arose. And sure enough, as I researched these products, I found that at least a half-dozen of the foods we ate regularly had terrible trans fats, high amounts of additives, food colors, and preservatives, and GMO. What's more, several also had hidden msg, which I found is linked to ill-health and disease in many, many people.

I was overwhelmed. Here I was, confident till now in all my food purchases, but not so much anymore. We started to eliminate these troublesome foods from our home, and by the third week, Chris was so much better, that it was a no-brainer. Our food was making him sick. I was now a convert to eating clean foods only - foods with real food ingredients, and minimal non-food ones. But to eat clean on a sustained basis, I would have to be such an avid label reader and food researcher that that alone would consume several hours of my time. And who can do that? That's when I came across FoodSniffr.

FoodSniffr has 'sniffed' hundreds of foods across different categories like snacks, meals, beverages, desserts, and broken down in a very easy to understand manner what is good, bad, and ugly about each one. They also use color coding to instantly convey the food's qualities - green is for he good elements in the food, orange is something to be cautious about, and red is unhealthy and to be avoided. It was an eye-opener for me certainly that foods that I considered healthy had so many orange and red qualities, it was astounding. These days, I spend time digging into the food information on FoodSniffr, and when I come across a clean product, I add it to my wishlist within FoodSniffr. Then when I go to the grocery store, I simply have to open up this same wishlist on my mobile phone to buy exactly that product, and not any other compromised one. (FoodSniffr also has the option to buy most products online with a single click to Amazon or Walmart). I am thrilled to be eating clean, thanks to FoodSniffr.

Clean eating is easy and fun with FoodSniffr

With FoodSniffr, you will be well on your way to eating clean, discovering foods that are real foods, as unprocessed and free of man-made additives as possible. And anyone can transition to a clean eating diet, and feel the amazing difference in their bodies and in their well-being.

Myths abound about what it is to eat clean. You may have read that a clean diet involves largely buying on the periphery of the grocery store, where typically the produce, dairy, eggs are displayed. We are here to tell you you don't need to do that at all. After all, the truth is we consume much more than produce and dairy, right? With FoodSniffr's help, you will discover, yes actually discover clean foods for your grocery shopping list, and learn how to eat healthy despite the unhealthy foods that are everywhere.

FoodSniffr will not only guide you in choosing cleaner, healthier packaged foods and groceries, we also enable you to buy them with a click from Amazon or Walmart. And we will soon be bringing you a store locator feature so that you can find the product at a store near you. Also coming soon are direct links to manufacturer coupons!

Didn't we tell you clean eating can be rewarding and fun too? And with FoodSniffr, it is quick and easy too, because we take the pain out of you reading every food label; when we as humans do this kind of intensive activity, especially at the grocery store, we are apt to focus on superficial information such as is it low calorie, or low fat, and we are likely to miss out much more information like trans fats, or some unsavory ingredients. This can lead to bad judgement, and as a result, a bad purchase. That's a double whammy, because now one has purchased an unhealthy product, and one ends up spending money as well as ruining one's health. That's a bad deal.

What's more, we have clean eating vegan lists, or gluten free protein bars. Also check out our clean eating blog.

Start eating clean grocery foods with FoodSniffr

See your grocery list get cleaner and healthier with FoodSniffr!

You deserve better than to buy unhealthy foods that are just not worth the money, or that are unhealthy but you don't know it. FoodSniffr sniffs deep into every food product we cover to reveal all the nitty-gritties - like, does it contain gmo or preservatives or additives or hidden msg, or is it high sugar, or yeast free, or gluten-free, or high cholesterol. We have you covered. Now you can nurture and nourish yourself and your families by bringing home the best healthy foods, devoid of junk.

See how FoodSniffr works to help you eat clean foods, and develop good eating habits!

FoodSniffr for healthy eating ideas and healthy grocery list

FoodSniffr grocery list app was built out of our own need for clean, healthy foods..

We know and understand too well how hard it can be to get foods for our particular diet needs when we need them. But you know what, it should not be so hard. And at FoodSniffr, we want to make it simple and easy to find the foods that are just right for you. Day after day. No more compromises with food and health. Join us on this journey, become a member today!

Get started today with painless clean eating - eat better and save money too!

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