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Discover great food products! If healthy, or gluten free, or vegan, or vegetarian is your thing - we have you covered.

We have hundreds of foods "sniffed" out - healthy snacks, healthy meals, appetizers. Also for gluten free diet for celiac disease.
And we have sniffed out meals for vegetarians, and snacks for vegans, and so much more..

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Eating healthy food should not be so difficult. The fact is, though, that it is hard and time-consuming to find clean foods to eat every day. We live in a world riddled with industrial foods, gmos, additives, preservatives and more. Get FoodSniffr on your side, and get to know your foods inside out.

Gluten Free

Eating gluten free need not be so difficult. FoodSniffr is on your side. We have sniffed out gluten free pasta sauce , and indian cuisine food; we have gluten free pizza, and whole food meals, and granola, and much much more. Head on over to the gluten free section!

Vegan & Vegetarian

And vegans and vegetarians can rejoice too. Finding good, vegan and vegetarian food is a breeze with FoodSniffr. Pick from vegetarian meals, or vegetarian bars and snacks. We have also sniffed veggie pizza and lots of breakfast options. Head on over to the vegan section or the vegetarian section.

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Get the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly for hundreds of foods.

You deserve better than to buy crappy foods that are just not worth the money, or that are unhealthy but you don't know it. FoodSniffr sniffs deep into every food product we cover to reveal all the nitty-gritties - like, does it contain gmos, or is it high sugar, or yeast free, or kosher, or high cholesterol. We have you covered.

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On Sale now: 101 Healthy Foods for Your Gluten Free Diet ebook

Get this ebook today! It is a collection of 101 gluten free food products that you can use everyday for a healthier diet.

All the foods in this collection are Non GMO, mostly vegan and vegetarian, and have a minimum of colors, additives, and preservatives.

Get a quick, color-coded snapshot of every product.

You guessed right, food is no longer as simple as it was in our grandparents' days. Today, the supermarket and grocery shelves are lined with foods that contain all kinds of obnoxious additives and chemicals. And some are downright lab creations pretending to be food. Power up with FoodSniffr so you can learn to separate the grain from the chaff!

FoodSniffr painstakingly sniffs through each product to give you a quick snapshot of a product - the Diet info row tells you the healthy and not-so-healthy aspects of a food product - go for foods with more green labels here, and less of the orange and reds.

FoodSniffr also lays out the ingredients info in clear terms. Additionally if any ingredient is particularly healthy e.g whole grain, we underline it here in green. And if it is unhealthy, we label it with an orange or red underline. We also underline with red/orange any ingredients that are destructive of the environment and all our animal friends. So you will find that palm oil is treated with a red underline, as rainforests are being destroyed rapidly to grow more palm plantations.

Also sneak a quick look at the FS Score - the score FoodSniffr assigns to the product, taking into account everything we know about it. Go for green labels of 7 or higher.

Lastly, if you like a product, buy from Amazon with the click of a button. SImple and awesome!

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Save your favorites to your wishlist, share with friends.

When you find foods you like, save them to your wishlist so you can easily get to them later. What's more you can also share your wishlists with your friends! How very cool.

Tag or review products, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Tag products your way, so you can group them meaningfully and find them when you need them. Wrire reviews to share with the community of healthy, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian eaters.

Also sharing of products on social media is as easy as a click of a button. Share away, invite your friends to FoodSniffr.

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FoodSniffr is free for a limited time. With many more features coming soon.

Get FoodSniffr on your side so you never have to eat or serve unhealthy foods ever. A little planning, and FoodSniffr will help you eat healthier every day. Watch your energy surge, your body get firmer, and your mind sharper as you move to health with FoodSniffr. Sign up now!

FoodSniffr was built out of our own need for clean, healthy foods..

We know and understand too well how hard it can be to get foods for our particular diet needs when we need them. But you know what, it should not be so hard. And at FoodSniffr, we want to make it simple and easy to find the foods that are just right for you. Day after day. No more compromises with food and health. Join us on this journey. Here's to a healthier you, and a healthier world.

Get started towards a healthier you today. Try FoodSniffr now!

You will soon be addicted to FoodSniffr - it is just so useful and a ton of fun.

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