Scratch The Surface Of Your Gluten Free Foods, & They Are Not So Healthy!

10 Best
Gluten Free Snacks For Work,
For Kids, For Any Time

For people who are eating Gluten Free (you probably have Celiac Disease, or are just gluten intolerant), but can't figure out what's still missing - this is for you!

"This fabulous little ebook simplifies and shortcuts my gluten free buying like nothing else. Worth every penny I spent on it, I save tons more at the grocery store. Feel like a million bucks too after eating cleaner." - Sue Halbert

    healthy gluten free snacks for work, for kids

You Are Eating Gluten Free, But Is It Healthy?

  • If you are eating gluten free, but still putting on the pounds.
  • If you are eating gluten free, but have persistent gastrointestinal issues like bloating, or constipation or diarrhea. .
  • If you are eating gluten free, but are always tired and fatigued.
  • If you are eating gluten free, but have constant joint pains.
  • If you are eating gluten free, but still not feeling so great most days.
  • If you are on a gluten free diet, but are overwhelmed with finding the right gluten free foods.

then do yourself a favor, and read on. You will be glad you did!

Trudy's 8-year old son, Sam has been gluten free for over a year, but still has such severe bloating and tummy pains, that often times he will simply refuse to eat anything at all!

This makes Trudy feel horrible and very unhappy, but she has no idea what to do about it.

Trudy cannot understand why her son is suffering so much, after all his pediatrician and gastroenterologist had assured her that all would be well once Sam stuck faithfully to a gluten free diet. But here's a little secret: doctors know very little about diet, and much less about the gluten free foods that are available in the market today. Trudy cooks most meals at home so she knows those are totally gluten free. She also buys a lot of gluten free snacks, obsessing over the labels and each ingredient to make sure there is no gluten in them. Little does she know that just buying gluten free foods is not going to help her son; that is just the beginning.

What You Don't Know Is Hurting You Right Now!

Anyone with food allergies has a compromised gut, a gut that needs healing. And if you have an autoimmune disease like Celiac, you have even more healing to do before you will start to feel better. In such situations, even though you are eating gluten free foods, you may also be eating a lot of junk that most of these foods are loaded with: GMO, MSG, high sodium, high fat, even trans fats, colors and flavors, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup.

This Ebook Is A Powerful List Of Cleaner, Gluten Free Foods

This ebook has been painstakingly put together to give you a list of 10 gluten free snacks that are all Non GMO, with a minimum of other junk like MSG ( a known excitotoxin), trans fats, etc. We wanted to provide a comprehensive list of snacks - gluten free snacks for kids as well as for adults - and that means that we needed to include cookies, candy, as well as bars and salty gluten free snacks. So, as you will see in the book, while some of the listed snacks do contain sugar, we have pointed it out to you; our readers tell us this helps them enormously - even if you indulge in a cookie or two, you have been made aware of the fact that you are consuming sugar.

Gluten Free AND Dairy Free Snacks? We Have Those Too In This Ebook.

A good number of you eating a gluten free diet are also avoiding dairy. We have therefore included many snacks that are both gluten free AND dairy and lactose free. This saves you endless time and research trying to find these specific foods.

All Non GMO Foods, Many Organic Too!

Without wading too deep into the murky waters of the 'Are GMOs safe or are they not" never-ending debate, we feel it is best to avoid GMOs; especially if you already have autoimmune diseases such as celiac or diabetes, or if you have a compromised gut (all food allergy folk included). Most studies proclaiming the safety of GMOs have been done on animals, not humans. It is also quite well-known that all GMO crops are sprayed heavily with Roundup, a powerful herbicide that has been proven to have serious health impacts on humans. Your body is already dealing with a lot, you certainly do not want to impose a greater toxic burden on it. We therefore made the decision that all the foods in this ebook must be Non GMO.

The Easy Short-Cut To Buying Healthier, Gluten Free Snacks - You Will Shave Off Hours of Research Time, No More Fumbling In The Dark

Crack The Code of Healthy Eating: We have packed hours and hours of our own research into hundreds of grocery foods to bring you this short-list of 10 cleaner, gluten free snacks. (FoodSniffr has, for the past four years, been doing these deep-dive researches into what's in our foods).

Save Time, Money & Your Health: What would have taken you huge effort and time - trying to find gluten free foods that are also Non GMO, and have a minimum of other junk - you now have in this neat little ebook! And since you are no longer buying blind, you are doing your health a world of good. Every small such step directly affects your health and well-being, and this ebook will get you started thinking in the right direction.

Details Of What You Will Get

This superb ebook is your little black book of ready answers to your nagging question - what are the best gluten free snacks I can buy?

~~ Includes Bars, Cookies, Chips, Candy, and more.: This small book packs a punch. We wanted to give you a good mix of snacks that even your choosy kids would eat, and after digging deep into our database, selected these 10.

~~ Cleaner, real food, and healthier GF snacks

~~ No junk, no GMO, no trans fats, or high fructose corn syrup, little or no MSG: The snacks included here are all Non-GMO, some are organic too.

~~ Many corn free, soy free, vegan and vegetarian options: This means that every fastidious member of your family can find something or the other here that will appeal to them.

~~ Easy to find in American supermarkets, health food stores, or online on Amazon.

~~ Read this ebook everywhere: on your tablet, phone or computer. You can access it in the grocery store, at work, on the road. Neat, huh?

What People Are Saying

This is one of those rare food lists that bother to tell you if your food has MSG or not ( most pretend like MSG just does not matter). This alone is a big deal for me, but couple that with Non GMO and all the other filtering they have done, I was sold and bought this ebook pronto! - Sara Brewer, NJ, USA

My weekends were devoured by time spent on the computer, digging and digging for safe GF snacks to stash away at my work desk. This ebook takes that pain away, also love how they use color-coded info to tell you the good and the bad in each food. Get this ebook, highly recommended. - Morgan McHugh, CA, USA

No more junky GF snacks for my kids' play dates. Earlier we moms had swapped lists of safe GF foods like Cheetos, Lays, and other such. I have thrown that list out and am going with this one. Has cookies and candy so it's an easier sell to the kids too. - Deb Lee, WA, USA

5 Ways This No-Nonsense Ebook Will Change Your Life

~~ Savvy Consumer, Save $$$$: This ebook will get you started in understanding the Savvy Healthy Eater's arsenal. In the process, you will no longer empty your wallet at the grocery store buying bad foods. And in the medium to long run, you will save mega-bucks in medical and pharmaceutical bills too. Why? Because our industrial foods, including America's favorite foods, are putting so much junk and unhealthy elements into our bodies, it is unbelievable.

~~ Feel Better And More Energetic: It's an old adage, but so true - garbage in, garbage out. Since you will be practicing Healthy In, you are bound to see Healthy Out soon. And everyone around you will notice too.

~~ Start To Heal Your Gut: Since you will be putting less and less junk into your body, your gut will start to heal. And that will show in a million ways - more energy, more joy, a spring in your step, a better outlook on life... Who wouldn't want that!

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Gluten Free Snacks List: The Most Overlooked Secret To Success With Your Gluten Free Diet!!