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Jane, now 50 years old, had tried every trick in the book to lose weight and get healthier. Her doctor had been warning her since she turned 43 that she needed to lose at least 50 lbs, get her blood pressure and cholesterol levels down, and eat healthier.

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This Is Jane's Story (Can Be Jack's Too!)

Jane, now 50 years old,  had tried every trick in the book to lose weight and get healthier. Her doctor had been warning her since she turned 43 that she needed to lose at least 50 lbs, get her blood pressure and cholesterol levels down, and eat healthier.

Eating Healthy Is Confusing To Most People

Yeah, eat healthier, they all say. But what exactly is healthy food, Jane wondered. Like so many of you, if the package was attractive, had 'Low Fat' or 'Low Calorie' stamped on it, it was good enough for Jane. After all, that is what all her friends did, and that was what she heard over and over on TV too - you know the shows where they give you healthy tips? Heck, she even followed all kinds of strange and not-so-strange diets to get her health back on track. But no luck ! Her lack of energy, frequent bouts of illness, and low self-esteem due to her health conditions worsened. It was a challenge keeping up with the demands of her family, and her poor health.

Jane tried everything for almost 10 years, but to no avail. Her body was in a frozen state of ill-health, and it felt like all her efforts were simply gliding off without making the slightest dent. Her doctor did not have very many ideas to really help her (notice how doctor's rarely understand good nutrition?) except to warn her that she would need to go on prescription medications for her blood pressure, cholesterol, and her budding osteoarthritis. In the meantime, every couple of months she was adding a few pounds, despite her various diets. And the more she gained, the less her inclination to exercise or even take a short walk. She had to change, she knew, but how?

How A Casual Conversation Resulted In A Remarkable Turnaround

It was one of those lazy afternoons, and Jane's neighbor Suzanne had dropped by. This was a neighbor that Jane and the other neighbors laughed at - Suzanne's kiddie parties were boring, so said the kids, with gross foods like fresh fruits, smoothies, veggie sticks. Whoever serves up such foods at parties, was the talk in her neighborhood. Besides, Doris, another neighbor of Jane's, regaled Jane often with how irksome Suzanne could be - she would refuse the Doritos and sugar cookies and cupcakes that were served to her when visiting Doris; Suzanne annoyingly claimed she ate only healthy foods, ugh! In short, Suzanne was the butt of many jokes due to her 'strange' eating habits among women whose pantries were packed with junk chips, sodas, candies and worse. Truth was Suzanne was also not very popular because she looked great for her 49 years, not at all like the other neighbors - puffy, bloated, waddling women. But of course, no one would admit to that, would they?

So back to this lazy afternoon - Suzanne notices Jane is particularly down. She is not feeling so good, Jane says, while pouring the coffee for her guest, and serving her the usual fare of greasy, sugary, junk-laden snacks that everyone so loves. Suzanne mulls over whether to tell Jane or not, but then decides she needs to say it. And so she does. She informs Jane that maybe, or rather very likely, her health problems were directly linked with the foods Jane brought into the house from the grocery store.

Jane is a little taken aback, as she is about to put a handful of Doritos into her mouth again; what nerve, she is thinking. But something in Suzanne's manner forces her to think beyond her immediate disgust. Suzanne was calm, but also confident in how she said it; most importantly, she did not look like she was gloating or trying to belittle Jane, instead her manner was one of a concerned friend. And so Jane listened.

And as she listened, it came to her in a flash. The trash she was buying for herself and her family, 'foods' she never thought to question because everyone was eating them (and loving them) may indeed be the cause of all her pain, all her frustrations, and disappointments relating to her health.

And she listened some more, and asked Suzanne what foods and snacks she 'should' bring into the house. Telling the kids to eat fruit for snacks was not going to work, she said, but she wanted to buy better than these foods she had been buying so far.

Suzanne told Jane it would take a lot of time and research on her part, but she needed to make clean grocery lists of SPECIFIC brands that she would buy BEFORE STEPPING INTO THE GROCERY STORE. Suzanne said she spent 5-6 hours weekly researching food stuffs, their ingredients, their nutrition info to determine what exactly to buy!

The Easy Short-Cut To Buying Healthy Snacks - You Will Shave Off Hours of Research Time, No More Fumbling In The Dark

Someone as health-aware as Suzanne spends hours and hours of research in order to buy clean and healthy. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Why? Well, because we have packed hours and hours of our own research into hundreds of grocery foods to bring you this short-list of 10 healthier snacks. (FoodSniffr has, for the past four years, been doing these deep-dive researches into what's in our foods).

Details Of What You Will Get

This superb ebook is your little black book of ready answers to your nagging question - what healthy snacks can I buy that my family will eat.

~~ Includes Bars, Cookies, Sandwiches, Fruit Snacks, Chocolates, Nuts & Seeds: This small book packs a punch. We wanted to give you a good mix of snacks that even your choosy kids would eat, and after digging deep into our database, selected these 10.

~~ Clean, real food, and healthier snacks

~~ No junk, no GMO, no trans fats, or high fructose corn syrup, no MSG: The snacks included here are all Non-GMO, and free of junk like trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, additives, preservatives.

~~ Many gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options: This means that every fastidious member of your family can find something or the other here that will appeal to them.

~~ Easy to find in American supermarkets, health food stores, or online on Amazon.

~~ Read it everywhere: on your tablet, phone or computer. You can access it in the grocery store, at work, on the road. Neat, huh?

What People Are Saying

I am so glad I bought this smart little list of healthy snacks. For the past few weeks, I have stopped buying snacks based on my whims (or those of my kids); instead, I restrict snacks to the ones shown in this ebook and some other clean ones. Gosh, there is a visible improvement in my teenage daughter's behavior (fewer tantrums and fights) as well as school grades. I myself feel a surge in energy now that I have stopped eating the junk snacks I was buying. Definitely get this ebook, it's a small investment with a big payoff! - Tenisha Klinge, WA, USA

The stress at work was killing me, or so I thought. Little did I know it was the terrible snacks I had stashed away in my office drawer that were the enemy. What's worse is there were days when I would skip lunch and survive on the unhealthy (in hindsight, I know this) chips and cookies and bars. No wonder at 32, I was starting to show gray hairs, and a paunch!! My family were horrified to see me on my last visit home - I looked weary and beaten, and so out of shape, despite the gym. A friend mentioned this ebook, and I thought, what the heck, let me give it a try. I try and stick to the savory. non sugary snacks listed in the book, and generally eat healthier - a good breakfast and lunch are the norm now for the last 4 weeks. Healthy eating works, I can vouch for that. There is a spring in my step, and my boss says I frown less and work better :) Get this ebook, you will see the difference as you avoid all the usual junk in grocery foods. - Mitch Fry, NY, USA

This ebook is gold - a simple list of 10 healthy snacks. I used to live on energy bars till a month ago - with my busy college schedule, bars seemed like a good way to fill up, and inexpensive too. I did suffer from blinding headaches and cramps and bloating so often, but pinned it down to other issues. Since sticking to the snacks listed in this ebook, I feel much much better - haven't had those nasty headaches for almost 2 weeks now. I also now know exactly what I am consuming: is it high sugar, does it have GMO (all the snacks listed in this ebook as Non-GMO, so no worries there), any MSG or flavors or colors. I am certainly going to continue eating this way, haven't felt so good since I cut out all the bad snacks from my life. My skin glows, those loose flapping muscles have firmed up. Couldn't ask for more. - Minerva Waldrep, MD, USA

Be Warned: Eating This Clean, Healthy Way Is Dangerous, You Will Be Hooked

It's true, even though you may find it hard to believe if you have been eating like Jane. When you start providing your body with real, clean food rather than the industrial nonsense that gets passed off as food, your body immediately starts to remove the old junk hiding in every cell. As you continue down the healthy eating path, your body will have a chance to replace gunk and junk with true nourishment, and you will show it; your skin will glow, your body will be firmer and younger, there will be a bounce in your step, maybe a song on your lips as you go about your daily chores. The neighbor's husband will be stealing a furtive look at you ever so often, the same guy who barely acknowledged you; your kids will look at you quizzically, trying to make sense of a suddenly younger and more cheerful mom; your husband will be spending less time behind the newspaper, and more time trying to engage you in conversation.  We warned you, all this is very, very addictive.

5 Ways This No-Nonsense Ebook Will Change Your Life

~~ Savvy Consumer, Save $$$$: This ebook will get you started in understanding the Savvy Healthy Eater's arsenal. In the process, you will no longer empty your wallet at the grocery store buying bad foods. And in the medium to long run, you will save mega-bucks in medical and pharmaceutical bills too. Why? Because our industrial foods, including America's favorite foods, are putting so much junk and unhealthy elements into our bodies, it is unbelievable.

~~ Feel Like A Million Bucks: It's an old adage, but so true - garbage in, garbage out. Since you will be practicing Healthy In, you are bound to see Healthy Out soon. And everyone around you will notice too.

~~ Get Back Into Those Old Clothes Again: It may no longer just be a pipe dream: getting into that old pair of jeans or sweater that turned heads in your direction wherever you went. Even though that was a decade or two ago, you may be surprised you just might fit right into those old clothes like they were made to order today!

~~ A Healthier You: As you eat healthier, nature will be doing some serious cleaning up inside of you. That will make you healthier, lighter, more energetic. And don't we all want that! What's more, you will reduce your risk of many, many diseases that are termed as lifestyle diseases. Good, clean eating also may keep cancer and nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's at bay .

~~ More Productive, Less Stressed: As your body starts to feel nourished, it will reward you with better focus, better moods, and a less stressed feeling. You will feel like you can achieve much more, and you actually will, with persistent healthy eating.

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