101 Non GMO foods for your healthy grocery list - US Edition 2014

Wouldn't you love a handy-dandy grocery list of non gmo foods?

Well, now you have it as an ebook - read on your phone or tablet, access anywhere!

101 Non GMO foods - a handy grocery list of 101 Non GMO products



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Get your Non GMO grocery list all handy-dandy with this ebook containing 101 great, Non-GMO foods. In this ebook, we tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about each one, so you can decide if that food is the right one for you. Then order with a click from Amazon, or take the ebook on your tablet or mobile phone to the grocery store for easy reference. And did we tell you, many foods in this fabulous grocery list ebook are also organic, vegan and vegetarian, and a fair number are gluten free? Don't wait, get this awesome GMO-free shopping guide now!

This is the 2014 US Edition. All foods listed in this shopping guide are easily available in the USA. We are not aware if these foods are available in other markets outside of the US.

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Why this Non-GMO foods ebook?

Consumers like you are demanding, like never before, that they know what's in their food. So whether you are convinced that GMOs are bad for you (and the environment), or like many, you don't know for certain, but just know that you have the right to know if your foods contain GMO or not - this book will help you eat cleaner, Non GMO foods everyday.

We have hand-picked these 101 GMO-free food products for you. These range from snacks such as cookies, bars, nuts, fruit snacks, to breakfast foods like cereal, granola, burritos. Then we have included a large number of beverages, cooking supplies, meals, and desserts, to give you a well-rounded collection on Non GMO food products.

non gmo products for your grocery list

Many organic, vegan and vegetarian options

This practical GMO free collection includes many organic, vegan and vegetarian food products. Lots of dairy free, lactose free options too.

Gluten free foods too

We know many of you are on a gluten free diet, so a number of foods in this handy list are gluten free!

Allergens clearly highlighted

What's more, all common allergens such as peanut and tree nuts, or corn, are clearly highlighted so that you can avoid the foods that you are allergic to.

Cleaner, No Junk Non-GMO food

Get started right now with all you need to eat cleaner, healthier non gmo foods.

Don't eat Non-GMO foods that are full of other junk!

Get the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with this list of non gmo foods.

Eating healthy, gmo-free food should not be so difficult. The fact is, though, that it is hard and time-consuming to find clean foods to eat every day. We live in a world riddled with industrial food, gmos, additives, preservatives and more. Get this GMO-free food list on your side, and get to know your Non-GMO foods inside out.

FoodSniffr sniffs out gmo, gluten free, vegan, and other foods
Read Non-GMO shopping guide ebook on apple ipad and iphone.

Download Ebook

Get this fabulous resource for eating healthier Non-GMO food right on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

You will have access to both epub and pdf formats so you can view it any which way you want. Start getting healthier on your GMO-free diet with this terrific Non-GMO shopping guide.

FoodSniffr for your health

FoodSniffr was built out of our own need for clean, healthy foods..

FoodSniffr has sifted through thousands of food products to bring you this list of 101 Non-GMO foods that you can add to your diet today.

All the foods in this collection are free of genetically-modified ingredients; and many are organic, vegetarian and vegan. Eating non gmo is a great way to ensure you are avoiding some of the unknowns inherent in gmo foods, and with this grocery guide, you have a hand-picked selection of 101 great non-gmo foods to add to your diet.

What’s more, this collection includes foods that have a zero to minimal overhead in terms of chemicals, preservatives, additives, and other industrial ingredients. Where a food does contain these, they are prominently highlighted in oranges and reds.

Our hand-picked Non-GMO products have little or none of the bad stuff - high fat, high sodium, refined and bleached flour.

Now just because a food is free of gmo does not mean that it is healthy, right? After all, it could contain a lot of sodium or sugar or fat or even trans-fat. In this collection, we have focused on bringing you foods that are gmo-free and have little of the bad stuff.

We have dug into our database of foods for every category of food - snacks, breakfast, home cooking, meals, desserts - and selected the very best that we can find. Thus you are assured a healthier, cleaner selection of foods to power you on your journey towards GMO free living. Give yourself a powerful edge with this ebook.

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